The Avro York

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Everyone has read about the daring exploits of the famous Avro Lancaster heavy bomber, but many don't know that there was a passenger-carrying derivative that entered airline service after the war. For access to hundr...

The Chipmunk

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Air Commodore Phil Wilkinson, RAF (Retired) recalls the key role played by the Chipmunk in gather intelligence, while he was the Officer Commanding at RAF Gatow, Berlin from 1989 to 1991. For access to hundreds of oth...

The Princess Flying Boat

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The Saunders-Roe Princess marked the end of an era, a colossal aircraft that proved to be the last and greatest example of the gigantic sea planes that had once dominated commercial air travel! For access to hundreds ...

Short-nosed Eagle Bi-Plane

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102 year old aviator Jose Grant once defied death, barnstorming a Short-Nosed Eagle Bi-Plane. For access to hundreds of other aviation videos, check out

The Dragonfly 1 Rocket-Powered Helicopter

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Recently TAPtv aired an episode on the history of the jet-tipped rotor concept. The Dragonfly 1 is a modern incarnation of this old concept. Perhaps a bit terrifying, the craft does appear to be stable and controllable. ...

The Constitution

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Originally designed as a long-range transport for the US Navy, the Constitution prototype was also envisioned as a passenger airliner for Pan Am. For access to hundreds of other aviation videos, check out http://www.a...

Flying in the Spruce Goose

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Author Richard Kirkland recalls the Spruce Goose's nerve-wracking first flight, as told to him by the project's chief engineer Rea Hopper. For access to hundreds of other aviation videos, check out http://www.aerocine...

Site News

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